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Yay or nay? The casual winter turban

Published Jan. 24, 2012

So at nearly 80 degrees, it's a liiiiittle warm in Florida to be talking winter hats. But we would be remiss if we let the season fly by turban2.jpgwithout turban1.jpgdiscussing the most divine of cold-weather trends, and that is: The Joan Collins-style turban.

The hip online fashion site released a slideshow yesterday called 9 Winter Hats That Won't Make You Look Like A Dork, and it featured not one, but TWO knit turbans, that arguably will not make you look like a dork. And I do mean arguably.

This is a tough one. On one hand, I wholeheartedly support any fashion trend that brings back the flamboyant and fabulous sensibilities of marlene.jpgJoan and Carmen Miranda and Marlene Dietrich. Fashionable turbans conjure up the essence of time that passed us all by, an era where women smoked skinny cigarettes in elegant holders and had no clue of the dangers, when men with skinny mustaches opened Studebaker doors and it was okay to wear your ruby rings on the outside of your satin gloves.

On the other hand, they look kind of cotton swab-y and al-Qaeda-y and weird. Unless you're rocking the whole look -- the furry coat, the cashmere scarf, the driving gloves, the proper jewels -- the turban can look pretentious and terribly out of place. You can't just wear a turban with a casual top and shorts. (Or can you?)

I did find these more Florida-appropriate getups below on, which feature runway models wearing more casual clothing with their subtle turbans. I'm not saying it's right. I'm just saying it's out there.

What do you think?

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