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Could this be the ultimate Halloween song of the '80s

How could we have a week of frights and not include '80s rock most renowned bat-eating, barking at the moon artist of the '80s - Ozzy Osbourne?

While the video for Bark At The Moon features a madman who turns into a monster after drinking, it parallels the devilish acts of Osbourne during the '80s. In just the '80s, Ozzy wrote a song about occultist Aleistar Crowley, drunkenly bit the head off a dove during an meeting with CBS executives, bit the head off a bat in Des Moines concert (after thinking it was a rubber toy), arrested for peeing on a monument at The Alamo in his wife's (Sharon) dress after she hid his clothes while in a stupor and finally being sued for causing the 1984 suicide death of a California teenager.

In the video, Ozzy's mad scientist turns into a hairy beast after drinking a secret potion and is eventually committed to an asylum. The video for Bark At The Moon was partially filmed at London's Holloway Sanitarium and was Ozzy's first crack at video greatness. The single reached # 109 on the charts and marked the debut of Jake E. Lee as guitarist after facing the unenviable job of following the recently deceased Randy Rhoads.

How perception has changed since the first half of the '80s when Ozzy was the poster boy for the evils of rock n roll. Today, Ozzy is a beloved reality star who is set to release the CD/DVD Memoirs of a Mad Man on Oct. 14 that will feature 17 remastered tracks and rare videos of Ozzy in action.