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Florida ranks as the most dangerous state for senior citizens

Violence and fraud are a few reasons why.

Bad news for senior citizens in the Sunshine State.

While Florida has a reputation for being a beautiful retirement destination, new data from The Senior List found the state may actually be the riskiest place for senior citizens to live.

The site analyzed the following factors:

  • frauds per 100,000 people
  • median monthly housing costs for renters
  • percentage of 65+ living in poverty
  • violent-injury death rate per 100,000
  • percentage of the state’s 65+ population living alone

Why did Florida rank so poorly?

Florida had the second highest rate of fraud in the country, with 933 frauds per 100,000 people. The risk may be even higher for seniors in Tampa Bay — the area was one of the nation’s top five metro areas for fraud reports, according to the latest report from the Federal Trade Commission.

Florida is also a more economically challenging place to live. The median monthly housing cost for renters is on the higher side at $1,077. And compared to other states, more of Florida’s elderly population lives alone (4.51%) and lives in poverty (10.2%).

Finally, the chance of violence is higher. According to the study, 21.2 out of every 100,000 deaths for senior citizens in Florida were related to violent injuries. This is above the national average of 18 per 100,000 deaths.

How safe are other places around the country?

Each state (and the District of Columbia) was ranked and given a number 1-51. The lower the number, the safer the state.

Here is the full ranking:

51. Florida

50. New Mexico

49. Delaware

48. Nevada

47. District of Columbia

46. Arizona

45. Oregon

44. Alabama

43. California

42. Georgia

41. New York

40. Louisiana

39. Texas

38. Michigan

37. South Carolina

36. Tennessee

35. Pennsylvania

34. Mississippi

33. Rhode Island

32. Missouri

31. West Virginia

30. Colorado

29. Kentucky

28. North Carolina

27. Maryland

26. Vermont

25. Washington

24. Massachusetts

23. Arkansas

22. Wyoming

21. Virginia

20. Montana

19. Maine

18. Ohio

17. Illinois

16. Connecticut

15. Oklahoma

14. New Jersey

13. Hawaii

12. Alaska

11. Idaho

10. Wisconsin

9. New Hampshire

8. Kansas

7. Indiana

6. North Dakota

5. Utah

4. Minnesota

3. South Dakota

2. Nebraska

1. Iowa