Dockery: Pay to play thrives under Rick Scott

Published Aug. 22, 2013

Remember when state Sen. Paula Dockery bucked the entire GOP establishment to back Rick Scott for governor over Bill McCollum? My how her feelings about Scott have changed.

Check out her weekly syndiacated column. An excerpt:

...Tea party folks cheered wildly when Scott exclaimed on election night that those political insiders who preferred the status quo were "crying in their cocktails" over his victory.

But they never really had to take out their hankies. Before you could say "there, there," money was flowing freely into Scott's Let's Get to Work political action committee.

...The governor's independent wealth, his eagerness to please his fiscally conservative base and his insistence that things would be different in his administration offered hope that he would set a different tone.

Unfortunately, it appears "pay to play" is alive and well — and the governor is toasting the dry-eyed cocktail crowd that continues to feed the kitty.