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Donald Trump and Jeb Bush's battle escalates

UPDATE: See below for Jeb's comments at the border.

Not long ago, Jeb Bush's campaign seemed content to watch the Donald Trump show, a media dominating spectacle that helped push down Bush's other Republican rivals. But that has changed with Bush and Trump engaged in a furious back-and-forth in recent days.

This morning on Fox & Friends, Trump mocked Bush's visit to the U.S-Mexico border with Bush's previous comment that most people who come here illegally do so an "act of love."

"I think it's great he's going to the border, I think he'll ... find out it's not an act of love," Trump said. "I was down on the border. It's rough, tough, stuff. This is not love, it's other things going on."

When Trump held his 30,000-person rally in Mobile, Ala., on Friday, a plane circled overhead with a banner that read "Trump 4 higher taxes. Jeb 4 prez." It was paid for by the pro-Bush Super PAC. Bush's campaign also sent an email to people in the state raising Trump's record, including past support for "Democratic ideas."

Trump and Bush two have fought over Twitter as well, and Sunday Trump ripped a weird Photoshop job on a pro-Bush mailer. (Though it appears it was a shadow effect.)

So what has changed? Trump just doesn't seem to be fading. Our Florida Insiders think Trump will still be in the race for the March 15 primary.

"I keep waiting, with heightened, nervous anticipation, for the Trump flame out...but it hasn't happened yet," one Florida Republican told us. "He's hit a nerve, causing a reflex reaction from some...and pain for those of us who identify with our party...not a subset thereof."

Bush spokeswoman Kristy Campbell said: "Governor Bush will continue to contrast his conservative record of leadership and results with the rest of the presidential field, on both sides of the aisle. When it comes to Donald Trump, we welcome the contrast. Republicans will vote for a proven conservative leader, and that is Jeb Bush."

At the border, Bush challenged the simplicity of Trump's build a giant wall approach. Bush also defended his use of the term "anchor babies," saying people need to "chill out" and not be so politically correct. Still, Bush, who spoke in Spanish during his news conference, said he supports the birthright citizenship under the 14th Amendment.