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Emile Hirsch gets jail time for Sundance assault

Emile Hirsch pleaded guilty on Monday to misdemeanor assault after allegedly choking a Paramount studio executive at the Sundance Film Festival in January.

The Into the Wild star was accused of assaulting Daniele Bernfield at Tao Nightclub in Park City, Utah.

Hirsch managed to avoid a maximum sentence of five years in prison and instead got 15 days in jail, a $4,750 fine and 50 hours of community service, according to the Associated Press. Upon completion of the sentence, the charge will be dismissed.

Hirsch said there is "no excuse" for his "wrong" and "reckless" behavior. The actor also apologized to Bernfield, who said in a statement that Hirsch deserved a harsher punishment.

Bernfield said she feared for her life when a drunken Hirsch grabbed her, put her in a chokehold, pulled her across a table and threw her on the floor. Court documents allege Hirsch then ended up on top of Bernfield and choked her again.

"Emile consumed an enormous amount of alcohol on the evening in question and he has no memory of what happened," Hirsch's lawyer, Robert Offer, said in February.

Hirsch checked into rehab soon after the incident.