A new 'Conserve Wildlife' license plate is on the way. Here's how you can help pick it.

Voting is underway between now and March 25.
Screen grab of the students' designs for the 'Conserve Florida' license plate contest.
Screen grab of the students' designs for the 'Conserve Florida' license plate contest.
Published March 22
Updated March 25

The Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida is asking residents of the state to weigh in on a new 'Conserve Wildlife' license plate it hopes will increase sales, the foundation announced in a release.

Students at Sarasota's Ringling College of Art and Design were asked by the foundation to create a new refreshed look for the plate, all of which incorporate the Florida black bear in some way. You can cast a vote for your favorite design here.

“This plate has generated more than $600,000 alone in recent years to help conserve the Florida black bear, which has rebounded from a total 400 bears 20 years ago to more than 4,000 bears today,” Andrew Walker, founder and CEO of the foundation, said in a news release. “We know the new design will be a bestseller that increases our ability to protect and manage Florida’s wonderful wildlife.” 

While the foundation says it values the public's input, the plate that receives the most votes will not necessarily be the one it selects to go into use.

The campus-wide contest was run through the Collaboratory, a partnership between Ringling College and The Patterson Foundation, the release says. There were originally 98 student entries, but staff at the college whittled down the pack to five finalists. 

“We are extremely pleased with the design and technical challenges this project provides our students," Collaboratory Director Angela Leed said in the release. "The competition is a tremendous opportunity, demanding our students develop a unique design which addresses both aesthetic and functional needs, from concept to output.”

Once a new design is chosen by the foundation, Florida residents can purchase the new plate for an additional $25 fee on top of other license plate costs.