Fact-checking Richard Corcoran on an Enterprise Florida deal with Lockheed Martin

A Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor photographed March 25 by Adam Juriga near MacDill Air Force Base.
Updated March 27, 2017

Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran told a story about Lockheed Martin as an example of how easy it is to walk back ambitious job goals prescribed in state incentive contracts.

Speaking recently at the Panhandle Tiger Bay Club, Corcoran said, "I say, I promise you 305 jobs, and then I come back to you and say, ‘Hey, I'm not close on the jobs. Can you help me out?' You know what they do? ‘No problem, we'll amend your contract. How many jobs can you deliver?' Six. ‘Fine. Now, the contract says you will deliver six jobs.' And then we go out and tout it community to community as a success."

Corcoran continued: "That's a true story, Lockheed Martin." 

Corcoran's tale has some truth but oversimplifies what happened. PolitiFact Florida has the Truth-O-Meter rating.


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