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Notable: Equal time

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Published May 28, 2013


Equal time

With three states affirming marriage equality in May and the U.S. Supreme Court likely to rule on related cases this month, here are books that address gay issues with humor.

American Savage: Insights, Slights, and Fights on Faith, Sex, Love, and Politics (Dutton) by Dan Savage collects funny and thoughtful personal essays by the author of the Savage Love sex advice column and co-founder of the It Gets Better antibullying campaign.

Confessions of a Fairy's Daughter: Growing Up With a Gay Dad (Knopf Canada) by Alison Wearing is an alternately poignant and hilarious memoir by a woman whose beloved father came out of the closet in the 1970s.

Straight People: A Spotter's Guide to the Fascinating World of Heterosexuals (Running Press) by Jeffery Self is a tongue-in-cheek guide to habitats, migration, mating and other aspects of the heterosexual lifestyle.

Colette Bancroft, Times book editor