Time to shine: Embrace this holiday season's beauty trends

SCOTT KEELER   |   Times Cosmetologist Carey Hinrichs, 40,  St. Petersburg, applies eye shadow at Bambu the Eco Salon in St. Petersburg, 11/30/17.
SCOTT KEELER | Times Cosmetologist Carey Hinrichs, 40, St. Petersburg, applies eye shadow at Bambu the Eco Salon in St. Petersburg, 11/30/17.
Published Dec. 8, 2017

The holiday season has officially arrived, bringing all the glitz and shine of twinkling lights and tinsel. It's also bringing festive get-togethers, and whether they're office parties or fancy soirees, the instinct is to look as shiny and bright as the season. What better place to start than with makeup?

Since makeup looks change with the seasons, just like fashion, it's helpful to know what's trending in holiday beauty. To find out, we talked to professional makeup artist, cosmetologist and stylist Carey Hinrichs about what looks are hot, and how to wear them. Hinrichs, who is based out of St. Petersburg's Bambú the Eco Salon, gave us the skinny on how to stay on trend, no matter one's comfort level with wearing makeup.

Let's jump right in. What are the biggest holiday trends for makeup this year?

Jewel tones. Something we haven't seen in a long time are blues and greens. They're back full force. It's not that baby blue of old, either, it's deep navy, or something that has a teal or green aspect to it. In greens you'll see lots of jades, emeralds, lots of gold and jades together. They're super wearable, especially in eye makeup, like eye shadows, cream shadows, liner and mascaras. Colored mascaras are all over right now. (Shows me a forest green mascara.)

How do you get the colored mascaras to pop?

Use a white mascara primer.

Would you wear that green mascara with a green eye shadow?

Absolutely, especially if you have an eye color that mimics that. You can get a brighter eye. If you're not as bold, and don't want to wear a green eye shadow but still want to stay on trend, use a green eyeliner and a green mascara.

Which eye color benefits best by wearing these greens?

Everyone gets a little kick from it. Green eyes become more intensified, while green on a soft brown eye will bring out the gold flecking in the eye. Everyone can wear it.

Can you wear a shimmer on the eye for daytime?

Sure, by using matte shadows and only applying the sparkle on the center of the eyelid and along the lash line. Mixing textures — mattes with high shines and metallics — is a favorite trend of mine. This same technique can also be applied to wearing a cranberry shadow, which is also trending right now. You could also mix the cranberry in with a black smokey eye in the same way.

Rose gold is also a huge color for the season. It looks good on the majority of skin tones. It's found everywhere: eye shadows, lipsticks and glosses, eyeliners. You can mix a rose gold illuminator in with your foundation for an allover glow or use it as highlighter.

Let's talk highlighters and illuminators for the face. It seems every line has them, and they come in powders, liquids and balms. Which ones do you like?

I like several different ones. I use powders on my younger clients because they tend to have flawless skin without wrinkles. When it comes to older skin where there are some fine lines, I use liquid or a balm.

Where and when should one apply highlighters?

It goes on after foundation, on the highest points of the face, so the tops of the cheekbones. If you want a JLo, allover glow, you can add a few drops of the liquid to your foundation or body lotion.

You're wearing red lipstick, which seems like it is always in season for the holidays. Is there a particular red that's trending right now?

No. You should always go with the red that looks best on you. If you're not comfortable with a bold, bright red lipstick, use a red lip gloss, just for a little flavor.

Another beautiful, classic look is the minimal makeup and nude eye with the bold red lip.

What about other lipstick colors? I noticed that many lines are showing bold metallics, like silver, gold, green, even electric blue. How do you wear that?

They're a big thing! It's a bold look, but can be gorgeous if you keep everything else minimal. Do a lighter eye, keep your brows nice and sharp, use contouring and highlight, but make the lip the focal point.

What about brows? They seem to be having a moment right now.

Everyone looks younger with a bigger brow. Many people have lost their brows due to overplucking or medication, so everyone is using something to enhance the brow, whether it's a pencil, or a powder, or even microblading. The wider pencils are easy to use because the square tip makes it easy to get the hair strokes. You can blend colors using a pencil and a powder to get close to your base hair color.

How do you feel about false lashes? Are they necessary?

Everyone can benefit from a little bit of extra lash. If you're nervous about them looking like too much, you can use the individual ones, just adding three or four wherever you need them most. You can do a more moderate strip lash, or a very dramatic, fluffy lash. You can get a couple uses out of them if you clean the adhesive off with a little alcohol.

Overall, what's your beauty secret?

Skin care. If you build your house on sand, it will fall apart. Hydration is key, and I wear sunscreen every single day. You can use the best makeup out there, but if you're not taking care of your skin, it won't look right.

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