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Kugel for Hanukkah is a family tradition for

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Published Dec. 4, 2012

WHO: Sandy Freedman, 69, former mayor of Tampa and current chairwoman of the National Civic League, wife and mother of three children, grandmother of eight.

WHAT: Kugel (noodle pudding)

ABOUT THE RECIPE: Most Jewish families have kugel recipes that are handed down through generations. Although it can be either sweet or savory, Freeman's family likes it sweet.

Sharing traditional foods has always been important to the Freedman family. "Our family always ate together," she said. Even when she was mayor, she made sure to set aside time to cook for her family and share meals with them.

TIPS: Make a lot and freeze half. "It does freeze well and it'll keep in the freezer for probably 6 or 8 weeks."

ON THE SIDE: Traditionally, kugel is served as a side dish, accompanying a brisket or a roast chicken.

CAN'T COOK WITHOUT: "My husband loves cinnamon. I could make anything with cinnamon."

FROM THE CHEF: "If you can read a recipe, you can cook." She has written a cookbook herself, Specialties of the House: Recipes for People on the Go.

FAVORITE HANUKKAH MEMORY: Having joint Christmas-Hanukkah celebrations with her Davis Islands neighbors as a child.

She helped decorate their Christmas tree; they would come to her house to light the Hanukkah candles.

They listened as Sandy Freedman's family said the blessing:

"Blessed art thou, O Lord our God, King of the Universe, who has created us, to kindle the Hanukkah lights."

"I think Hanukkah is fun for the kids," she said. "When we all get together, it's about the kids."

Emily Young, Times correspondent

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