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Vegetarian dishes, including Risotto With Pumpkin, Ginger and Sage, will be a hit with everyone at the table

A showstopping vegetarian entree can serve as a Thanksgiving main-dish for nonmeat eaters and a side dish for everyone else.

In recent years, as various levels of vegetarianism have become more popular, it's not unusual for someone at the holiday table to be snubbing meat. Rather than make them — or yourself — pick through the various offings and be forced to ask a lot of questions about ingredients, prepare a dish that has style and substance.

Quiche is not a traditional Thanksgiving dish, but when it's loaded with roasted vegetables, such as sweet potato and onions, and laced with Gruyere cheese, it becomes a salute to the harvest. It's also a make-ahead dish and a wonderful potluck offering. You can roast the vegetables the day before, feeling free to add additional root vegetables such as turnips or parsnips, and then assemble and bake the morning of Thanksgiving. Or make the entire quiche ahead of time, let cool and refrigerate. Serve at room temperature or heat in a 350-degree oven for about 15 minutes.

Risotto With Pumpkin, Ginger and Sage celebrates the flavors of the season, and a pumpkin-seed topping gives it an extra holiday boost. Don't be put off by having to stir the risotto as it cooks. It's not as arduous as people sometimes say. Unlike the quiche, the risotto is best made and served immediately so that it doesn't become gummy. You could prepare vegetables and make the pumpkin-seed topping the day before.