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Expert advice: Add a touch of black to home decor

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Published Jan. 21, 2012

For many years, black accents have been used in home decor in any number of ways. Since black goes with almost anything, it is an easy and appropriate way to add some grounding and definition into your design. Painting an entire cabinet (or, as in this case, a pair of cabinets that flank the fireplace) black may seem like going way out on a limb, but it was definitely a reach worth making. The black cabinets truly add elegance to the dining room with their subtlety. This was further enhanced by the simple, shaker-style mullions on the glass-front doors of the cabinets, and the mirrored cabinet backs. In this case, the black was an almost obvious color choice for the cabinets, since the bottom portion of the cabinets is a pair of wine storage units which already had black framed doors and black interiors. The color makes the components look like a single, integral cabinet. The dark framed cabinet doors become picture frames surrounding the shiny crystal and colored glassware, creating a bit of fun. Black can also be an exciting color choice for crown moulding, or a single piece of furniture in a room, and can really become a striking element when bath cabinets are painted in a high-gloss black finish. Like any design element of a strong nature, the color black should be used with discretion, but with a careful hand and eye, it could become a part of your home's decor. Chip Vogel

Chip Vogel is a licensed interior designer with Interior Spaces Inc. He can be reached at (813) 251-8862 or on his website,