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Love Notes: In acting class, lead couple perfectly cast

By luck of the draw, Edmund and Danielle were picked to act a scene together in their college acting class.

Edmund was thrilled about this, since he had always had his eye on Danielle but was too bashful to approach her.

The scene "was kind of dark, about a very complicated relationship," Danielle recalls. "At the end, I got to knee him in the groin!"

"And we had a stage kiss," Edmund adds.

As the freshmen prepared for the scene, warm feelings bloomed. They'd hang out in the student center at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania after hours. She'd lie in his lap. He'd run his fingers through her "foofy" hair.

They dated all through college with only a couple of breaks, never lasting more than a month or two.

Before Edmund's grandmother died, she and Grandpa had decided to give her engagement ring to the woman their grandson would marry.

"She did this with Danielle in mind," Edmund says. "All my family is enamored with Danielle, so it was a gentle hint."

As the clock struck midnight on Christmas morning of 2009, Edmund told Danielle he wanted to give her an early gift. He pulled out a box containing little trinkets that Danielle sorted through. Then, she got to the good stuff: Grandma's ring.

"It's the best gift I will ever receive because it's from his grandmother," Danielle says.

After the engagement, Edmund, now a software engineer, scored a gig in Florida. Danielle also found a job, as a foster coordinator with the Humane Society of Pinellas.

Edmund and Danielle were married in a Hindu ceremony conducted in Sanskrit by a college professor they always admired. The couple, raised Christian, have for the most part converted to Hinduism.

Danielle had her sari shipped in from India. Edmund wore a bejeweled Indian jacket with matching silk pants.

"I looked creepily like some foreign prince," he says with a laugh.