Opening Lines: Don't call it a resolution

Published Jan. 2, 2014

I don't want to be here this time next year.

I'm not quitting. I'm setting a challenge.

Come January 2015 I don't want Floridian to look like this. I want it to look bigger, better. I want it to have muscles in new places, extra luster in its hair, more sex appeal.

These are not the passing fancies that drive gym memberships — bold in January and forgotten by March. These are the goals by which you measure institutional success.

This magazine (please don't call it an insert) has had a great first year. I know it, because you've told me so. You've told me in emails and in letters, in conversations in supermarket aisles and sidelines. You love its "funkiness," as someone said to me Saturday night. You don't put it aside for later, the hallmark of the well-intentioned but backlogged reader. You read it right away, cover to cover.

Floridian is the showcase for some (certainly not all) of the best enterprise work in the Tampa Bay Times. Distinctive, authoritative, memorable, rigorously reported, surprising and timely. Those are the characteristics I'm looking for when I assemble the magazine every month.

So what I want for 2014 is even more of that, which of course starts with us. But to know whether we're really getting better, I need you to tell me. Tell me what you want more of, what you want less of. If you love the whole darn thing, please tell me, but more importantly, tell your friends. Talk us up on social media. Help make this magazine as essential to advertisers as it is to you.

Push us, and by this time next year we'll be somewhere completely different and better than ever.

Editor Bill Duryea can be reached at or (727) 893-8770. Follow @FloridianMag on Twitter.

Editor / Bill Duryea

Deputy Floridian editor / Kate Brassfield

Photo editor / patty yablonski

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