93.3-FLZ's Ratboy and Staypuff saying goodbye to Tampa Bay listeners

Staypuff, left, and Ratboy are taking their act to Philly.
Staypuff, left, and Ratboy are taking their act to Philly.
Published April 3, 2014

Change is on the way for fans of 93.3 FLZ-FM's nighttime broadcast, as DJs Jeff Daly and Josh Foreman, formerly known as Ratboy and Staypuff, will air their final Tampa Bay broadcast Friday night.

The duo is returning to their hometown, Philadelphia, to take over the afternoon-drive slot on WIOQ-FM Q102, a station in the Clear Channel Radio family along with FLZ.

"It's a promotion for them," program director Tommy Chuck said. "We're really proud of Jeff and Josh."

Fans have been listening to Rat and Puff weeknights for 7 1/2, an impressive run at a competitive slot.

For about a month, the DJs — who rebranded as The Jeff & Josh Show — have been broadcasting their Philly show in Tampa from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. and then jumping right into their regular 7 p.m.-to-midnight broadcast.

This weekend, they'll officially move to Philadelphia and a new DJ will fill their slot beginning Monday. Nathan "Brody" Halegua, 30, a New Port Richey native and River Ridge High grad, left his show in Portland, Ore., to take on the task.

"I am a tell-it-like-it-is kind of guy. I'm fun, light-hearted, current ... a little crazy," Halegua said. "I'm a smart ass and I like people who can keep up with me. The biggest thing is, I'm not predictable."

Having one personality, instead of two, show gives listeners more air time to interact, Halegua said.

"Normally, nighttime shows are less talk and more music with maybe about one minute to talk four times an hour, so you've got be funny and be quick," Halegua said.

Daly and Foreman's final show promises to be a tribute to what made the guys popular in the first place: two guys talking about stuff and letting callers do the same.

"We're going to go out the way we came in, just talking to people," Daly said.

The hosts noted that rarely in their business do DJs and fans have the opportunity to say goodbye; most programming changes are made without notice. But it's not like they'll be gone forever. Both men promise to return to Tampa for Gasparilla and other major events and spend as much time as possible in their second home. Since the advent of radio-streaming apps, including Clear Channel's iHeartRadio, superfans can still listen in.

The special chemistry of the two 32-year-old DJs, who started hanging out in the lunchroom in sixth grade and have remained close, is hard to duplicate. They believe fans come to radio for personalities, laughter and music. As long as a show is entertaining, people will listen to FM radio, Daly said.

"Plus, how else are you going to get Jingle Ball tickets?" he laughed.