Watch this: TV week of May 20

Published May 20, 2013


SEASON finale Dancing With the Stars, 9 p.m, ABC: Who will walk away with the coveted mirror ball trophy? That one really good young female celebrity? Or that OTHER really good young female celebrity? This season seems especially rigged with ridiculously talented "amateur" dancers. It's a toss-up at this point. As far as we're concerned, the celebs who made it to the finale — singer Kellie Pickler, football player Jacoby Jones, gymnast Aly Raisman and Disney Channel star Zendaya — are all good enough to be on the show next year as professionals. Next season, the show moves to just one night a week, so this is your last chance to revel in the overbloated extravaganza that is a DWTS results show.


SEASON finale Modern Family, 9 p.m., ABC: Real talk? This has not been our favorite season of this once top-notch comedy. But this week sounds promising: The gang travels to Florida to support Phil after his mother dies. You know what that means: lots of jokes about how Florida is where old people go to … well, you know. Also, Gloria has to deal with an outstanding arrest warrant. Because that doesn't sound vaguely racist or anything.


SEASON premiere Save Me, 8 p.m., NBC: This just sounds strange. Is that the point? Anne Heche plays a Midwestern wife (already not buying this premise) who nearly chokes to death on a sandwich, after which she can communicate with God. This throws a new wrinkle into her husband's plan to leave her for another woman, natch. We're thinking there's a reason NBC chose to premiere this comedy just as its other shows are ending for the summer. And that reason is probably not good.


Live From Lincoln Center, 9 p.m., PBS: What, you don't like to sit home on a Friday night and listen to one of the best working Broadway performers belt some tunes? You should rethink your priorities. Superstar Audra McDonald, a five-time Tony Award winner, sings songs from her new album and other favorites in this spring concert. Magical.


Bet on Your Baby, 8 p.m., ABC: This show is back to remind us that not even babies are safe from the clutches of reality TV. Tonight, parents try to predict how many presents twins can unwrap and where a baby's ball will land when hit from a tee. This game show sure takes its title literally. Winning wagers earn money for the children's college funds, which we're sure is the very noble reason they're participating.

— Michelle Stark, Times Staff Writer

SEASON finale Nashville, 10 p.m. Wednesday, ABC

Nashville ends its first season tonight with a guest appearance from Brad Paisley and a finale that promises lots of booze, tears and family strife — just the way we like this soapy show. The past 20 episodes have toed the line between campy and compelling, for sure. But it's remained watchable thanks to terrific performances from Connie Britton as country queen Rayna James; Charles Esten as tortured musician Deacon (who has come a long way since his days on Whose Line Is It Anyway? to be one of the very best parts of this show); and Hayden Panettiere, whose Juliette Barnes is one of the show's most consistent characters. And even though character motivations on Nashville are still inexplicable, the drama can be great when settling into the Bluebird Cafe to hear original music or exploring Rayna and Deacon's relationship worthy of its own country song. After last week's heavy episode (which included nothing less than two deaths, a lawsuit, and paternity issues), it looks like the finale will run everyone through the wringer. But that's okay. That's when Nashville is at its best.