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This is a week to spring clean instead of hitting a movie theater.

It's a spring cleaning weekend at multiplexes, with studios vacuuming every dollar from current releases before the Avengers and Amy Schumer drop in next week.

If you've seen A Quiet Place, Ready Player One and Black Panther, this is probably a good weekend for spring cleaning at home. Three one-weekend-and-done movies are opening nationwide, none sounding as much fun as washing windows.


Disneynature's annual Earth Day documentary is Dolphins (G), as if our local bottlenose movie stars Winter and Hope aren't photogenically inspiring enough.

At least their Dolphin Tale adventures included Morgan Freeman's sonorous voice. This movie is narrated by Owen Wilson, so everything will sound like, wow, man.

Dolphins follows the Disneynature formula of pairing gorgeous scenery — in this case like Finding Nemo only real — with a phony conceit of following a dolphin pup named Echo, who will remind small kids of themselves.

The formula worked before for a couple of bear species and two jungle settings. This is Disneynature's third documentary set underwater, not counting 2007's Earth that hit the eco-trifecta with bears, fish and elephants combined.


The comedy troupe Broken Lizard reunites in Super Troopers 2 (R), a sequel to 2001's flop and subsequent Comedy Central time slot filler.

Led by director/co-writer Jay Chandrasekhar, Broken Lizard's five members reprise their roles as Vermont state troopers assigned to settle a U.S.-Canadian border dispute. Since the State Department is distracted at the moment, these diplomats rely on drugs, nudity and blockhead humor. Which could land them a job at the State Department.

Wonderful woman Lynda Carter returns as Vermont's governor negotiating with Rob Lowe's Canadian creep. Any movie featuring Fred Savage as himself is reaching for inside jokes.


A gaggle of funny people picked up paychecks by recording voices for Duck Duck Goose (PG). Hope they cashed them fast.

Duck Duck Goose is the story of a bachelor goose named Peng (Jim Gaffigan) saddled with two orphan ducks named Chi (Zendaya) and Chao (Lance Lim). The names are a tip-off that the movie is financed through and mainly intended for China, although made in the USA. Pre-tariffs, of course.

Gaffigan is joined in the bank deposit line by comedians Carl Reiner, Craig Ferguson, Stephen Fry, Greg Proops, Natasha Leggero and Reggie Watts. Great lineup for a comedy festival, not a Disney knockoff.

in theaters: our Top 5

Current movies recommended by the Tampa Bay Times:

1 Isle of Dogs: Go fetch Wes Anderson's all-star animated treat.

2 Beirut: Why isn't Jon Hamm a bigger movie star?

3 Black Panther: Marvel's latest superhero is a cultural game changer.

4 Annihilation: Alex Garland's sci-fi bio-puzzle starring Natalie Portman.

5 Unsane: Steven Soderbergh makes a lurid thriller on a cellphone.


(Dates subject to change)

April 27: Avengers: Infinity War; I Feel Pretty; Lean on Pete; Animal Crackers; Traffik

May 4: Overboard

May 11: Life of the Party; Breaking In

May 18: Deadpool 2; Book Club
; Show Dogs

May 25: Solo: A Star Wars Story