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Toga! Toga! 40th anniversary celebration of 'National Lampoon's Animal House' in Tampa this week

Published Feb. 21, 2018

In the immortal words of Flounder at Faber College's homecoming parade: Oh boy, this is gonna be great!

A 40th anniversary celebration of National Lampoon's Animal House featuring appearances by two stars of the quintessential campus comedy happens Thursday at American Social in Tampa.

I call dibs on introducing myself to Tim "Otter" Matheson as "Eric Stratton. Damn glad to meet you." You can greet soul shaker Otis Day as "my man!" and he won't know who the heck you are. Matheson and Day will do a Q&A session after a screening of Animal House.

Joining the fun are former Tampa Bay Rays favorite Johnny Damon, New York Yankees pitching great Ron Guidry and Rays TV announcer Orestes Destrade. Because locker rooms are just Delta Houses with cleats, you know.

Doors open at 9 p.m. Grab a brew. Don't cost nothin'. Actually, tickets are a hefty $265 a pop for cocktails, celebrity elbow-rubbing and the movie screening at American Social is at 601 S Harbor Island Blvd. You can drop us off at the Food King.