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Power-popsters Weezer coming to St. Petersburg's Mahaffey Theater on Nov. 9

Weezer coming to Mahaffey Theater

Bringing his neuroses, sexual hang-ups and sugary hooks with him, twisted genius Rivers Cuomo and the power-pop gang from Weezer will play the Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg on Nov. 9.

After playing here, the boys will head east on Nov. 10-11 for two shows at Orlando's Hard Rock Live, where they'll play a couple of "album" gigs, performing 1994 self-titled debut (aka "the Blue Album" aka the "One With Buddy Holly") and 1996's freaky Pinkerton (aka the "Disturbing One") in their entirety.

No word on whether our stop will be an "album" show, but I nominate 2001's "Green Album." You can't beat that opening blast of Don't Let Go, Photograph, Hash Pipe, Island in the Sun.

Tickets for the Mahaffey show go on sale Friday, July 13, at noon. Tickets range from $29.50-$99. Call (727) 892-5798 for more information.

— Sean Daly, Times pop music critic