Halloween Cute Alert: Check out this adorable Schnauzer’s costume

Tommy, a 9-year-old Schnauzer, earned lots of online love for his ‘wind-up’ elephant toy costume.
Published October 24 2018
Updated October 24 2018

TAMPA — If there were ever such a thing as too much cute, it would be a miniature Schnauzer wearing a toy elephant costume. Thankfully, there’s no such thing as too much cute.

Tommy, a 9-year-old Schnauzer, was caught at the Strut, Wag and Rock event on Saturday, where he marched around in his toy elephant costume. Billed as the largest halloween party for pets, the event is run by the Vets4Pets Charitable Clinic.

One onlooker snagged a video of the pup getting a “wind-up” from his owner before marching back into the crowd.

Now a copy of that video has been shared more than 17,000 times and had about 2,400 interactions.

Tommy his other half, Nena, a 7-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, should be used to the spotlight. They’re both top-notch circus performers with the High Flying Pages fair and Carnival act in Myakka Ciy.

Tommy’s main trick is to don the toy elephant costume and pretend to be a wind-up toy, while Nena has a more comedic routine that invovlves her jumping through hoops, rolling over and pretending to go camping.

At home, caretaker Yesenia Esteban said the two pups are inseparable.

"They are like brother and sister,” she said. “Nena loves Tommy and since we got her when she was 3 years old, they’ve done everything together.

“They eat together, sleep together, walk together. They never fight."

Esteban is a contortionist with the High Flying Pages. She and husband Yesid Hernandez, another performer with the group, have raised Tommy since he was a puppy. Esteban said that sometimes the little Schnauzer can be too much of handful.

"He likes to eat a lot and he loves to sleep. He’s a lazy dog," Esteban said, laughing. "But he’s very sweet and every now and then, he’s a little annoying. He likes to hear the sound of his own voice."

She said the couple brought Tommy to the Vets4Pets event for fun, but the pup garnered a lot of attention. He draws a crowd when he’s in his get-up, she said.

The Strut, Wag, and Rock event was hosted by the Vet4Pets Charitable Clinic, an organization raises money to help financially struggling families find affordable veterinary care. They awarded Tommy’s costume first place.

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