Tell us, what's the creepiest thing in the Tampa Bay area?

Published October 5 2018
Updated October 22 2018

What is the creepiest thing in the Tampa Bay area?

It could be a place, too, or maybe a person (but let’s try to be nice).

Maybe it’s that old, empty house in your neighborhood. Didn’t you used to bicycle past it just a little faster, like a kid in some kind of ‘80s ensemble movie?

Is it the retention pond with the huge alligator in it, or a local trail you stayed on too late one evening, forcing you to hike back in the dark?

Whatever it is around here that gives you the creeps, heebie-jeebies or goosebumps, we want to hear about it this October.

An urban legend that gets passed around your town. That thrift store that, for some reason, has a box of old Barbie heads. Send us anything, from a disturbing piece of art in the corner of a bar to a certain used car lot’s wacky inflatable tube man.

Sure, it could be someone’s Halloween decorations, but maybe it’s something unintentional, something that’s been creeping you out for years.

Email [email protected] with what creeps you out in Tampa Bay. Bonus points if you send a photo.

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