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Happy Festivus, readers. Here are your top grievances of 2016

Festivus dinner as depicted in the "Seinfeld" episode "The Strike." [Sony Pictures TV]
Published Dec. 16, 2017

Today is Festivus, the made-up holiday introduced in the classic Seinfeld episode The Strike and still celebrated two decades later at real-life events across the country.

According to Festivus lore, the celebration begins with the traditional Airing of Grievances.

FESTIVUS 2017: Submit your grievances here

"At the Festivus dinner, you gather your family around, and tell them all the ways they have disappointed you over the past year," is how sitcom character Frank Costanza put it.

This year, we asked readers to air their grievances to us, and they went for it. Here are some of your complaints for 2016.


"I am amazingly tired of the amazing overuse of the word 'amazing'!"

Mary Ann Meola

"I find shopping in the Tampa area very frustrating because no one puts their carts in the holder or returns them to the store front. Shopping carts are left willy nilly thoughout the parking lots. The carts roll and scratch cars, or are left in open parking spaces."

Susan Fischer

"Florida is too damn hot in December."

Matt Miller

"My brother-in-law, Craig, was born on Festivus. Some might see this as another Festivus miracle. Not me. It's just another example of him trying to steal the spotlight."

Greg Davis

"Donald Trump was elected president of the United States."

Brian Hartz

"I am still waiting on Trump's tax returns. I hope this audit didn't last 13 months."

Nik Nanoski

"People who walk around a public place (store, bank, airport, etc.) talking on their speakerphone... NOBODY wants to hear your loud conversation. Turn off the speakerphone!"

Nancy DeVito

"My father-in-law thinks he should be playing golf from the senior tees even though he still drives it 250-plus yards! 68 years old or not, I've got a problem with that!"

Mike Penu

"Everybody wants all these pets but nobody wants to take care of them. What's up with so much laziness? Why should I have to cook, clean, be your 'volunteer' taxi service... AND take care of all of your animals too????!!!!!"

Christine LaFord

"My local gas station STILL has pumpkin spice cappuccino and no peppermint mocha like they usually have around this time. It's the week of Christmas and I want peppermint, not pumpkin!"

Rose Steele

"2016 has been the anti-gift that keeps on giving, killing off amazing people like John Glenn, Gene Wilder, Prince, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and Leon Russell, and giving us a new president who has ZERO experience, the emotional maturity of a fifth grader and skin so thin it might as well be transparent. The '30s called — they want their demagogue back. And I want my hope back."

Sally Moe

"People like to blame everything on millennials, who are just coming of age in time to get the shortest end of the stick available in decades. Older generations wonder aloud why millennials can't just work their way through college, when tuition alone these days would often take all of the wages from a yearlong full-time job — not the case in their time. Simultaneously, they seem to expect us to fix everything from climate change to broken health care, prison and education systems, but to do all of it without any risk of inconveniencing them."

Ash R.

"My landlord refuses to deal with a mysterious, pungent odor that permeates our apartment. Additionally, after four months of living here, she has still yet to supply us with a key for our mailbox, claiming it is impossible because the key is so complicated. As a result, our mailbox is permanently unlocked."

Danny Everett

"Christina and Tarek from Flip or Flop split up! I'm devastated."

Sara Johnson

"I want my appliances to last 15-20 years like they did for my parents. Replacing appliances every 5-8 years is just wrong."

Pam Brown

"Six dirty un-neutered Chihuahuas keep me up with their barking. Bark, bark, bark, that's all they do! Festivus for the rest of us or at least a silent night!"

Amanda Dwyer

"There were never enough memes."

Leonard Linchis

"My cousin's husband ate my Christmas cookies 6 years ago and still hasn't apologized."

Lauren Anne


"The lack of light rail!"

Jeb Bjorn

"Sure that quite a few of the protesters didn't vote and/or don't hold a job."

Joe Dunn

"End profits in war, drug crime, and health care, and remove money from politics. Short of that, nothing will change."

Christopher Pitts

"So tired of judgmental, intolerant jerks."

Jeff Scott

"Make people check their blinker fluid."

Michael Stajkowski

"Slow traffic move right!"

Lee Nelson

"Just one grievance here. Electoral college."

Bogna Sturzbecher

"Man buns suck."

Frank Skapura

"This is not a thing. It was a TV show script. Stop it."

Joe White


"My local grocery store stopped carrying chocolate Twizzlers. Yes, I know they're terrible, but they're a chewy and non-messy snack and sometimes that's exactly what a person needs."

Reddit user pierogi_party

"My local Walmart never refills their Chapstick display. My lips are sore and I hate having to drive to a farther store just to pick up a tube of Chapstick."

Reddit user onefishtwofish1992


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