Recalls: Kenmore dehumidifiers pose fire danger

Published July 18 2013

Kenmore dehumidifiers

Companies: LG Electronics USA Inc. and Sears.

Quantity: 795,000.

Why? The dehumidifiers can overheat, smoke, melt and catch on fire, posing fire and burn hazards. This is an extension of a previous recall.

What models? Kenmore 35-pint dehumidifier model number 580.54351400; the 50-pint model number 580.53509300; 70-pint model numbers 580.53701300, 580.54701400 and 580.54701500.

Where sold? Sears and Kmart stores and and from 2003-2009.

What to do? Call LG toll-free at 1-855-400-4641 or visit

Boy's long sleeve hooded jackets

Company: Mecca 5 Star.

Quantity: 48,000.

Why? The recalled jackets have drawstrings with toggles inside the bottom hem and neck area, posing a strangulation hazard to children.

What models? Boys long sleeve hooded jackets sizes 2T to XL with the word Mecca embroidered on the front chest of the garment and on the interior label sewn into the neck of the jacket, style numbers MK310702, MLK310702, MT310702, MK31111509, MLK31111509 and MT31111509.

Where sold? A&E, All Kids Inc 27, Burlington and other stores from August 2010-March 2011.

What to do? Call Mecca 5 Star toll-free at 1-800-229-6833 or email

Silver Sword, Clalis supplements


Quantity: 430 lots.

Why? The products may contain sildenafil, which could cause decreased blood pressure, light-headedness and dizziness.

What models? Silver Sword is packaged in a tin containing 8 doses, 2 pills per dose. Clalis is packaged in box containing a bottle of 6 pills.

Where sold? Online.

What to do? Email Howard Andrew at

UCO Arka LED lanterns

Company: Industrial Revolution Inc.

Quantity: 2,300.

Why? The lantern's wall charger plug can fail during normal use, posing a fire hazard.

What models? UCO Arka LED lantern model number A1265.

Where sold? REI stores and online from April-May 2013.

What to do? Call Industrial Revolution toll-free at 1-888-297-6062 or visit

Earth's Pride organic oregano

Company: Olde Thompson Inc.

Quantity: 1,075 cases.

Why? The product may be contaminated with salmonella, which can cause diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever and are known in some cases to be severe enough to require hospitalization and can cause serious complications or death in young children, the elderly, or a person with a compromised immune system.

What models? Earth's Pride Organics: organic oregano in the 2.2-ounce glass jars, UPC code: 400000290942, lots 060367, 060692, 061252 and 061864.

Where sold? BJ's wholesale clubs in Florida.

What to do? Call the company toll-free at 1-800-257-2582.

Hollis DG03 dive computers

Company: Pelagic Pressure Systems.

Quantity: 1,000.

Why? The dive computer, when used with an optional integrated transmitter, can malfunction and display an incorrect tank pressure reading to the diver. A diver could unknowingly deplete their air supply based on the reading, resulting in drowning.

What models? Hollis DG03 dive computers with serial numbers 100 through 1142 that may be used with integrated transmitters that monitor tank pressure and have software labeled Revision 1A.

Where sold? Hollis dealers from July 2011-May 2013.

What to do? Call Hollis toll-free at 1-888-383-3483, email or visit

BMW motorcycles

Company: BMW of North America LLC.

Quantity: 870.

Why? The side-stand switch that prevents the engine from running while the side-stand is down may become damaged, allowing the engine to run with the side-stand down.

What models? 2013 F700 GS and F800 GS motorcycles.

Where sold? Dealers.

What to do? Call BMW toll-free at 1-800-525-7417 or email