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Stars on the Emmys red carpet rise to the occasion with fall colors

It may be sweltering in Florida, but fall was in full effect on the Emmys red carpet Sunday. Stars sported structured gowns in deep burgundies, purples, emeralds and blues, jazzed up with gold and pastel accessories. But, just as the leaves must fall from the trees, they couldn't all be winners. Let's review.

Heidi Klum Project Runway

Hot casting news from Hollywood: Heidi Klum has been tapped for the remake of Tootsie, a modern reload set on the planet Zorg.

TIna Fey 30 Rock

The preshow wonks on E! did a fashion retrospective on Tina Fey, flashing back to a dark time when she wore — gasp — glasses. She certainly shut them up with this stunning royal blue knockout.

Zosia Mamet Girls

You know how you get your eyes dilated at the optometrist and they give you those little black shades that slip into your frames so you can drive home? Has anyone seen my pair?

Mindy Kaling The Mindy Project

Modeling one of the most popular colors of the night, Mindy Kaling called to mind a mid-priced yet whimsical bottle of Merlot you'd splurge on for a girl's night viewing of The Mindy Project. Strategic marketing?

Sofia Vergara Modern Family

Sofia Vergara showed up to an awards show in a form-fitting gown, brimming with décolletage. She also wanted you to know an apple a day keeps the doctor away, the early bird gets the worm and when it rains, it pours.

Kerry Washington Scandal

The Scandal star bucked the trend of Thanksgiving hues and showed up in ethereal white. The floral appliqués may have been a little department store Christmas display, but she was on-trend with the gold touches.