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Fixing jewlery like a DIY pro

Necklaces in all the colors! $22
Necklaces in all the colors! $22
Published Oct. 21, 2013

I went with a bunch of friends to Pops in the Park at Vinoy Park in St. Pete on Friday (there's nothing better than listening to an orchestra play your favorite show tunes while eating Oreos on a picnic blanket, FYI). But before heading to the park, we convened at a friend's house a few blocks away for some good ol' fashioned chit chat. I complimented my friend Taylor on her awesome necklace and she shared a little secret with me.

She got the necklace from Bauble Bar with a gift card, but the big baubley jewel thing in the very middle fell off and she couldn't find it. On her grandmother's advice, she went to Michael's, found another baubley jewel thing that went with the theme/color scheme, and broke out the glue gun. Cheap, easy fix, and I never would have known that part had been replaced if she hadn't told me. It also seems like a super obvious fixing strategy, but I never would have thought to do that if she hadn't told me about that, either.

Speaking of Bauble Bar, they've got some seriously cute stuff on sale at the moment. I have some chunky blue flower earrings from them that I'm quite fond of. And! You can get 15 percent off your first purchase if you fork over your email address. I'm on their email list and while I certainly don't buy things as often as they email me, I don't exactly mind getting pictures of sparkley things, either.