1. The Education Gradebook

Florida education news: Inclusion, evaluations, school security and more

Published Mar. 31, 2013

PRAISE: Pinellas superintendent Mike Grego gets positive marks for his efforts to improve student achievement after six months on the job.

INCLUSION: A Hillsborough student with several medical special needs says schools should focus on what students can do and not what they can't do.

CURIOUS: Florida is among a growing number of states adopting new teacher evaluations where nearly all teachers pass, the NY Times reports.

TRADEOFF: Palm Beach school leaders consider ending nighttime campus security to add more officers to schools when kids are there, the Palm Beach Post reports.

RECRUITING: Lake Wales High, a conversion charter school, seeks students from outside its zone to attend, the Ledger reports.

ON THE MOVE: Seminole nears completion of its elementary school boundary revisions, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

SMART MOVE: Florida lawmakers' compromises to revamp high school graduation requirements are a positive step, Orlando Sentinel columnist Beth Kassab writes.