Florida Gators may have won the SEC East, but Tennessee Vols won the championship of life

Published Nov. 21, 2016

The Florida Gators may have won the SEC East, but the Tennessee Vols have won an even greater prize.

"They've won the biggest championship," coach Butch Jones told reporters about his senior class. "That's the championship of life."

No, really, he actually said that. I swear. There's video.

A handful of folks on Twitter, believe it or not, seemed to think this was some sort of a joke.

Butch Jones said Tennessee "won the biggest championship – that's the championship of life" ðŸ˜'🏆 (h/t @rockytopinsider)

Congrats Seniors!

Some brilliant hero updated his Wikipedia page to add "Of Life" to his list of championships (along with two MAC titles and two Big East titles, which are clearly irrelevant).

I can only assume that the Vols are printing T-shirts of ducks pulling trucks to commemorate this championship.