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Ron DeSantis: Trump had duty to scrap Obama’s ’executive amnesty’

‘Congress should not increase incentives for illegal immigration’
Congressman Ron DeSantis, R-Palm Coast (The Associated Press)
Congressman Ron DeSantis, R-Palm Coast (The Associated Press)
Published Sep. 6, 2017
Updated Sep. 6, 2017

Republican Congressman Ron DeSantis, a possible candidate for governor, doesn’t expressly rule out helping young immigrants now in limbo but said “Congress should not increase incentives for illegal immigration.”

“The Obama executive amnesty is not constitutional and President Trump was duty bound to discontinue it,” DeSantis said in a statement to the Tampa Bay Times. “Had the President decided otherwise, a group of state Attorneys General were ready to bring a lawsuit that would have almost assuredly resulted in the program losing in court.

“The American constitutional system of separated powers is designed to protect liberty. When Congress rejects a particular measure, the President cannot simply legislate it on his own via an executive memo. To pretend otherwise undermines the bedrock foundations of the constitutional order that Founders deemed so vital.

“President Trump has asked Congress to craft legislation to deal with this and related topics. In doing so, it is important to put the interests of the American people front and center. First, Congress should not increase incentives for illegal immigration, which a naked codification of Obama’s executive action will do. In addition, Congress should not expand chain migration, which could happen if an amnesty recipient can sponsor those who did knowingly violate our immigration laws.

“To vindicate the interests of Americans, impediments to illegal immigration, from E-Verify to funding for a border wall, should be enacted. Also, chain migration should be discarded in favor of admission criteria based on merit and skill.”

DeSantis’ position puts him in line with House Speaker Richard Corcoran, both a contrast to the more moderate views of potential rivals Adam Putnam and Jack Latvala.

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