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Trump-backed celeb could challenge Charlie Crist

Singer Joy Villa would have to move to Florida, though.

Just in case you thought Republican/independent/Democrat/governor/vice presidential finalist/washed-up former politician/now Congressman Charlie Crist’s career couldn’t get any weirder, there’s a new development.

A singer and diehard Trump supporter appears to be looking at running against Crist for his Pinellas County U.S. House seat.

Joy Villa, best known for wearing a Make America Great Again dress at the Grammy’s, told Fox & Friends on Friday that she is looking seriously at running as a Republican for Congress in Florida, California or New York -- “most likely” Florida.

We haven’t yet reached her to pin down where in Florida but on Twitter she asked her fans which of “my communities” they want her to run in, New York City, Tampa Bay, Santa Barbara, or Los Angeles. Villa is a Scientologist who, according to her Facebook page, has lived in Clearwater, the church’s spiritual headquarters and part of Crist’s congressional district.

Donald Trump, who used to raise money for then-Republican Crist, wrote in a tweet today that he likes the sound of Congresswoman Joy Villa. She is also a favorite of Steve Bannon’s Breitbart News.

Crist would be tough to beat, especially by someone moving into the district from California. The district leans heavily Democratic, not exactly a bastion of love for Trump. And Crist already is sitting on more than $1.4 million in his campaign account. Republican former U.S. Rep. David Jolly hasn’t closed the door on running again, but he has sounded less and less like a candidate lately.