Rep. Ron DeSantis wants to limit Mueller probe into Trump

The Florida Republican is considering a run for governor.<br>
Published Aug. 29, 2017|Updated Aug. 29, 2017

Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis, who is considering a run for governor, makes an appeal to President Donald Trump and his supporters with a proposal that would stop Robert Mueller’s investigation after six months.

It’s unlikely to get adopted when the House returns and takes up a spending bill, but the amendment reflects a feeling among some conservatives that Mueller’s probe could be too expansive.

“Congress should use its spending power to clarify the scope and limit the duration of this investigation," DeSantis said in a statement to Politico. Deputy Attorney General Rod "Rosenstein has said that the DOJ doesn't conduct fishing expeditions; the corollary to this admonition should be that Congress will not fund a fishing expedition."

DeSantis lacks a statewide profile and is seeking to build one as he considers a run for governor.