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Alan Grayson's anti-Trump mission: 'Lock him up'

Former congressman seeks funding for lawsuits, investigations.<br>
Former U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Orlando (Associated Press)
Former U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Orlando (Associated Press)
Published Aug. 30, 2017
Updated Aug. 30, 2017

Former Florida Congressman Alan Grayson is trying to rebrand himself as a leader of the anti-Trump movement and has been soliciting donations for what he says will be crowdsourced independent investigations into “Donald Trump and his henchmen.”

“This is not an organization for people who have mixed feelings about Donald Trump, or who worry about whether VP Pence would be better or worse, or are willing to let Senate Republicans ‘investigate’ Trump and leave it at that. No. This is an organization for people who have decided that TRUMP MUST GO – and are ready to take action to make that happen,” reads one email appeal from Grayson.

His website is called, a spin on the Trump rally anthem “lock her up.”

Grayson said Trump would be taken “down” with a combination of “lawsuits and laughs, of writ and wit.”

Before joining Congress, he was a lawyer who worked on whistleblower cases and Grayson brags of being “the only person to win a jury trial against those who illegally profited off of the war in Iraq.”

“The point is, I know how to take on government corruption in court -- and win,” Grayson asserts. “So I founded an organization dedicated to defeating Donald Trump with both style and substance. If you liked me as your Congressman with Guts, then you’ll love me as your Lawyer with Guts.”

Grayson could not be reached Wednesday morning.