ST. PETERSBURG — If you’ve been injured in car accident, want to raise Florida’s minimum wage, ensure medical pot is accessible across the state, or maybe draft the next governor of Florida, call John Morgan, the publicity-loving personal injury lawyer who on Wednesday brings his flirting with governor tour to St. Petersburg.

The roguishly charming “For the People” lawyer is scheduled to address the Suncoast Tiger Bay Club at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club. If past is prologue, he will sound as if he wants to run for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, but make no commitment.

Worth north of $100 million, Morgan says he sees no need to make up his mind until next year, unlike already declared Democrats Gwen Graham and Andrew Gillum of Tallahassee and Chris King of Winter Park.

Many Democrats think a blunt,politically incorrect populist is just the ticket for Democrats in 2018.

Morgan is a top Democratic fundraiser, and he led the successful medical marijuana initiative.

The Tiger Bay luncheon is sold out and not open to the public