Florida lawmaker proposes statewide ban on bump stocks

Sen. Linda Stewart’s proposal is in response to massacre in Las Vegas<br>
Sen. Linda Stewart, D-Orlando
Sen. Linda Stewart, D-Orlando
Published Oct. 9, 2017|Updated Oct. 9, 2017

A Democratic lawmaker in Florida has proposed a statewide ban on bump stocks, the device law enforcement authorities said the killer in the Las Vegas massacre used to modify a semi-automatic weapon by giving it the rapid firing power of an automatic weapon.

Sen. Linda Stewart, D-Orlando, filed the bill (SB 456) on Monday. The measure would make it a third-degree felony for anyone to “transfer, distribute, transport, sell, keep for sale, offer or expose for sale, or give a bump fire stock to another person.”

Stewart’s bill also would have retroactive effect in Florida. It says that a person who currently owns bump stocks “may” turn them over to law enforcement agency, and it not, the owner “must destroy and render inoperable the device.” A violation is a third-degree felony.

The National Rifle Association has said it is open to regulation of bump stocks through administrative action, but does not support legislation to ban the devices.