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Son, if you can't take Florida utilities' money, drink their whiskey, and then vote against 'em, you don't deserve to be here

A slight majority in the latest Florida Insider Poll expect Republicans will again win the governor’s mansion in 2018
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Published Oct. 17, 2017
Updated Oct. 17, 2017

Florida’s 2018 governor’s race probably will pit Democrat Gwen Graham against Republican Adam Putnam, according to the conventional wisdom highlighted in the latest Florida Insider Poll.

Republicans are slightly more likely to win the governor’s mansion.

But 54 percent expect Democrat Bill Nelson will win reelection against Republican Rick Scott.

Our favorite part of these thoroughly unscientific surveys of experts and old hands in Florida politics is the comments. It’s a rare case when the Tampa Bay Times allows people to weigh in anonymously to encourage honesty from a group that includes many people with business and personal relationships that could be harmed.

Here are the questions asked this month: Do you expect the hurricanes that hit Florida and Puerto Rico ultimately to be more helpful to Gov. Scott's reputation or damaging?...Do you expect the Hollywood nursing home deaths to be a significant liability to Gov. Scott's expected run for U.S. Senate?....Which governor was more effective in handling hurricanes?...Whom do you expect to win the 2018 U.S. Senate race?...Whom do you expect to win the 2018 Republican nomination for governor?...Whom do you expect to win the 2018 Democratic nomination for governor?...Florida's next governor will be a Democrat or Republican?

And here are the comments:

Rep: Florida’s next governor will be a Republican by the smallest of margins -- again. He may not excite anyone with any original ideas or leadership skills that wow, but Putnam can be tolerated by most. Expect an increasingly stronger legislature.

D: The remarkable and unforgivable dismissive manner in which the President has personally handled the disaster in Puerto Rico will serve as a supreme and lasting badge of dishonor in the Puerto Rico community. That damage to his brand will equally hurt the standing in that community of Gov. Scott and every Republican associated with the President. Gov. Scott is inextricably tied to the President’s popularity.

Rep: With political committees etc you can’t effectively eliminate utility money.

R: Rick Scott handled the storms extremely well from a PR perspective and Nelson was struggling to appear relevant. Maybe this is finally the election that sends Nelson into the deepest darkest void of outer space reserved for former politicians - where nobody hears you demagogue.

R: Governor Scott was in position to receive rave reviews until the nursing home tragedy. That tragedy blunted what would have been a big boost to the Governor.


R: Still too early to attempt to predict a state as close as Florida. With this current political environment and Trump over the top, if totally honest, I would have marked ‘completely unsure’ if provided the option.

D: This governor projects very little empathy because of his “cold fish” personality and persona and his response, compared to Gov. Bush, was lacking. His secretive way of not allowing the media to access the emergency response breifings so that the public can know exactly what is going on was also poor judgement on his part....Scott’s appointment of the utility “lap dog” to the PSC is a mail piece in waiting....Jack Latvala is the only Republican with any common sense on the Republican side that has a shot at being a reasonable Governor for all Floridians....John Morgan still remains the “800 Pound Wild Card Gorilla” in the race to be Florida’s next Governor in 2018 after 20 straight years of overreach by the right wing conservative Republicans that have destroyed our state and the only one that can restore sanity and common sense to help the people and the environment of this state while we have something left to save....“The Donald” will loom over every single election in Florida over the next two years...and not in a good way for the Republicans!

R: There is a clear divide - In DC - Incumbents beware, there is significant momentum building to defeat of all incumbents irrespective of party. That momentum shifts the US senate race to Governor Scott.

R: Being so close to POTUS will hurt Gov. Scott.

NPA/Other: I think John Morgan would win the nomination and the general election if he got in the race, but I don’t think he is going to run. For Bill Nelson, he is 3-0 in Senate races and I think the political timing will be right for him again with increased Democratic turnout to display frustration with President Trump. My uncle Bill used to play cards with me when I was a kid and would always say “I would rather be lucky than good” - I think Bill Nelson has been a little of both.

R: Clearly none of us are able to make accurate early predictions...I doubt anyone on this poll would have predicted Donald Trump would win a year before Election Day. I certainly never would have guessed it!

R: Rick Scott’s leadership during the hurricane has made the Democrats go bananas. ... After the storm, I enjoyed scanning my Facebook newsfeed and seeing countless liberals & Democrat friends praising the Governor for his strong leadership. ... Now I cringe and laugh when I scan my newsfeed because it consists of Bill Nelson trying to find any and all staged hurricane press events possible to be relevant and Gwen Graham is tossing every angle of attack possible to get media attention. Sad!

Dem: The recent elections in Florida have shown that a Democratic wave is building, and the Florida Democratic Party finally seems to be able to turn favorable political winds into actual victories instead of moral ones.

D: The influx of new voters from the Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands should provide the 1-2% the democratic nominee needs.

R: Answers to questions like this are nothing more than an educated guess, right now, based on norms that may no longer be the norm. American voters can be turned, now, faster than any time I have ever seen, all thanks to the ability of social media to legitimize and spread disinformation. We used to think that 2012 was the first real social media election. It wasn’t. The Russians apparently showed us the real power of social media in a Presidential election, in 2016.

D: The race for Senate District 40, the St. Petersburg Mayoral primary and even the special election for House District 44 demonstrate an engaged and energized Democratic electorate. Smart and focused campaigns in St. Petersburg and Miami defied expectation and even unfocused efforts in HD 44 garnered 44% of Democratic support. Republicans should be very concerned as we head into the mid-terms.

R: Next Nov it will be interesting to see how many additional PR residents that relocate to FL become registered voters, actually vote and impact the elections in Florida.

R: Florida’s next governor will not be based on party affiliation, but rather on personality. While I believe the race is Adam Putnam’s to lose, anything goes at this stage. A massive campaign war chest is no longer a guarantee for victory.

R: The difference in 2018 will be displaced Puerto Ricans. Paper towels being thrown at those in need will haunt GOP.

D: It is always better to have the money, than not have the money.

D: The nursing home question might be too early to ask, it could potentially blow up in Scott’s face and be a significant issue. However, I’m sure they will look to spread the blame and deflect and it doesn’t seem clear enough yet whether he “owns” that issue. The republican primary for governor is going to force everyone to tack very hard to the right - we’ve already seen that with Putnam playing footsie with the NRA. If DeSantis gets in too, then we can unleash the crazies as there will be no position too extreme or out of step with general election voters, all just to win a primary with a candidate severely damaged. If that plays out, a calm, responsible, competent and well funded democrat (Gwen Graham - maybe Phil Levine) can win the general.

R: Putnam’s problem just isn’t contributions from utility companies. It’s a much bigger problem. He’s a sell out. Bought and paid for by every big business interest group even if it’s to the detriment of every day Floridians. This will be the issue that keeps him from being Governor.

NPA/Other: You packed a lot into this one! I think Gov. Scott will receive a bump in approval for how he handled the hurricanes, but if the PR diaspora comes to FL as predicted it will still cost him at the ballot box. I think the nursing home deaths will hurt him only a little - the way he handled the crisis will help, but as people stop to ask why the Administration allows nursing homes to remain open when they are poor quality or unprepared to care for their residents, that will turn into a weakness...Candidates are better off not taking utility money, but if the utilities are funneling money into committees or through parties, the candidates will still get the benefit, the utilities will still get the influence, but voters will not see the smoking gun and ratepayers will still get the shaft.

NPA/Other: The Nelson-Scott race is fascinating. I have said that if Sen. Nelson walked into the Cerrs Bar, nobody would know his name even though he has been in Florida politics for 40 years. His style is to offend no one. On the other hand, I doubt if 5% of Floridians could name a single accomplishment of Nelson.... Nelson and Scott are similar in that both are underestimated, but both manage to win elections. Perhaps the candidate most underestimated will triumph.

D: Too many things can happen between now and then for anyone to accurately predict anything. Morgan in the race would certainly change things, but he’s still undeclared. Latvala’s temper could erupt for all to see and could either attract or turn off voters. The Times could run a series on just how much influence utilities have on our legislature and send the cockroaches scurrying. And there’s still time for another hurricane or two.

D: Rick Scott has won the narrowest of victories (<70k vote margins, both times) in both years his name has appeared on the ballot. 2018 is a long way away, but it seems unlikely - if not impossible - that it will look like 2010 or 2014 in terms of Republican advantage. Scott should brace for his first electoral loss, if he ultimately decides to run for Senate.

D: Scott will benefit from his handling of the Hurricanes which was outstanding but the Hollywood nursing home deaths will be used effectively by Nelson to undermine Scott’s credibility just enough. Nelson hangs on, but the Hurricanes made it closer. If we get hit in 2018 by a storm the scope of Irma though, all bets are off. Should Scott handle that storm as well he probably wins.

D: Thoughts of the venem that campaigns will be spewing as the 2018 elections get closer make me throw up in my mouth. Civility is dead

D: Even though the news has broken that the state was woefully unprepared for the impacts of a major hurricane, people are going to remember how Governor Scott made them feel in the days leading up to Irma and he came off as in control, on message, and with just the right amount of sincere emotion. His disposition throughout the storm conveyed the sense of safety and preparation that people needed....The reality is that Florida’s emergency management plans were inadequate (to say the least) but that will be a hard message to convey for Nelson during a campaign when Governor Scott made people feel so secure during the storm.

D: The most impressive person during the storms named above was Gwen Graham. When the storm was heading towards Florida, she lead the efforts open a shelter for evacuees (and pets because she wouldn’t let folks leave pets behind) and ran it during the storm. She was the first to identify deficiencies in the state’s storm prep - which she got some heat for - but has been proven right. On Puerto Rico she consistently was sounding the alarm during Trump’s lost weekend and asked the FL Congressional Delegation to help lead the recovery efforts. And she not only helped collect supplies, but also pressured Rick Scott to do more as well. ...And as the only candidate from either party to have a climate change mitigation plan, she knows we have to tackle the immediate challenges and the root cause of climate change which is leading to stronger storms. ... She showed Florida that she is ready to lead the state through anything Mother Nature has to throw at us and understands that key to this is rebuilding the preparedness culture instilled after Hurricane Andrew.

R: Rick Scott’s romance with Donald Trump it’s going to cost him a hundred million dollars of his own money if he wants to win this campaign. The Republican candidates for Governor have all piled into the Trump clown car, and if the Democrats can get out of their own way they might actually pick up the governor’s mansion.... The impact of Arma and Maria is going to play out in Florida over the next couple of years and Trump’s mishandling of Puerto Rico May cost the Republicans more than they ever believed possible.

D: SD 40 was a snapshot of more to come. We know that a decent Dem. candidate that is outspent and has a good field program can win at the state level with the right anti Trump message.

R: Gov Scott has a clear path to victory he just needs to stay the course and keep his eye on the ball.

D: While Democrats have picked up an additional State Senate seat and have some victories to tout nationally they still have a messaging problem. They have a long way to go in reforming their image if they want to attract blue collar and rural voters that bolstered Trump to victory last November.

D: If Morgan runs he has the best chance to win. He’s got the money and the message.

NPA/Other: If anyone knows a path forward for Andrew Gillum, I would love to hear it. Donors certainly aren’t paying any attention to his campaign and he’s coming across as increasingly desperate. I would expect he’ll being looking for a way out before he damages his brand permanently. I think Philip Levine is sharp and has the ability to mount a tough challenge to Gwen Graham, but I still think it’s her nomination to long as John Morgan stays out.

D: Rick Scott’s response to Hurricane Irma was just good enough and so far he’s handled the Puerto Rico situation well. He’s easily the biggest threat Bill Nelson has ever faced but Nelson will be up to the challenge and can hang Trump around his neck like a mill stone. Republican will stick with Putnam as their safe choice but John Morgan will win because he has the right mix of money and straight-talking charm. He is the most authentic candidate, event if he’s not official yet. Authenticity counts for a lot these days, especially among millennials.

D: Democratic primary with 4 or 5 candidates favors Graham Not enough room at Democratic table for two self funders. Gillum and King irrelevant and won’t be around by Summer of 2018

R: The nursing home disaster will be a liability, how significant yet to be determined. There are ten dollar programs that archive inbound cell message audio files. A smart investment for Plaza Level.

R: With Trump’s divisiveness and new expected Puerto Rican voters in Central Florida, it will be a bit more uphill for GOP statewide candidates for awhile. I cannot for the life of me understand why Putnam keeps trying to be all “Trumpy.” It doesn’t fit him and it’s not a winning strategy. A successful GOP candidate in 2018 will need to thread the needle better, not necessarily attacking Trump on everything but making it clear there is some independence and not endorsing everything he does.

R: Adam---I am so disgusted with the Republican Party, next week I am changing to Independent/NPA.

R: Jeb Bush did a fantastic job of handling hurricanes, which cemented his legacy as Florida’s greatest governor. Rick Scott did a magnificent job as well. And I think Scott had a trickier situation with a potentially more dangerous Category 5 storm and what seemed like more possible storm damage in a much wider area. Thankfully, damage & casualties were kept to a minimum, in no small part due to Rick Scott’s helmsmanship before, during & after the storm. Unfortunately, the dreadful Hollywood Nursing home deaths have marred Scott’s otherwise outstanding job of crisis management. I think unfairly. IMHO, Scott’s Admin responded promptly with simple instructions: If the Nursing Home patients are in peril, get them out. (Bottomline: How could medical facility staff sit & watch people die when there’s a hospital right across the street?). Because of the politically volatile nature of this tragedy, I hope Florida gets a factual report from a neutral source - above reproach - which lays out exactly what transpired & who was responsible for what - Nursing Home Management, Broward County Emergency Management and/or Rick Scott’s Administration. And let the chips fall where they may. Florida doesn’t deserve the “gotcha press” attacking Team Scott while cheerleading Team Nelson over this tragedy. My Spidey-senses tell that’s precisely what we’re in for - a partisan witch hunt is brewing (w/ the help of the some in the media) that unfairly tries to lay blame for this tragedy at Rick Scott’s door. Which is particularly nauseating when the fault so clearly lies with others, as the facts will reveal. Again, IMHO.

R: Scott did a great job in the hurricane but the nursing home deaths are devastating. I don’t know how he comes back from that when Nelson targets him with that

D: Rick Scott is riding a wave of free post-Irma publicity, but the election for U.S. Senate is over a year away, with a grueling legislative session and a chaotic White House to contend with before he faces the voters. Next November, all most Floridians will remember from August 2017 is that there was a storm -- and people died on Rick Scott’s watch.

R: If John Morgan runs, I think he runs and wins both the nomination and the governor’s mention, but I don’t think he will run. Bill Murray once said if someone tells him they want to be rich and famous, they should try rich first because they won’t like famous. Morgan is too rich and by all appearances happy to subject himself, his family and his business to a bruising campaign....Corcoran is best positioned as the change agent on the Republican side and despite some widespread protestations from the political insider community, he will win a bruising primary and narrowly defeat Gwen Graham, who will blow the dem field away....The parallels of Rick Scott vs Bill McCollum/Alex Sink will be striking.

D: Recent tragedies have highlighted the devastating impact of Republican policies on our state and country: poor regulation of nursing homes, lack of sensible gun control including universal background checks, decimated public school budgets, the failure to address climate change, etc. If Democrats can present an alternative vision to the voters that puts the interests of the people ahead of profits for the powerful; that focuses on building stronger communities through investment rather than endless tax breaks for corporations, then we can bring significant positive change to our state.

R: This hurricane season will long be forgotten by election day. Next season is another story.

D: The state is ready to change course. A democrat should when. Chris King is the sleeper. He is a young, charismatic, successful businessman with character, just someone the public can fall in love with. He also has the advantage of being the only Dem running from Central Florida, giving him an advantage in the plurality count.

D: If there is one thing in this country that’s bipartisan it’s campaign cash. Money isn’t red or blue, it’s universal green. The TV and press money buys will always trump the negative spin on the source, unless it’s Harvey Weinstein cash, timing is everything....Unless investigators uncover a photograph of Rick Scott cutting the power to the nursing home, he won’t be held accountable. Being tied to the Trump wagon will be his one way trip off the cliff.

D: At the end of the day Florida has a 4 to 6 percent advantage for the Republican candidate and that is why the Republican candidate will win. John Morgan will dance with the Democrats. John Morgan will seduce the Democrats. John Morgan is not going to marry the Democrats and run for governor.

D: Andrew Gillum has served for 14 years on the Tallahassee City Commission or as Mayor of Tallahassee. Tallahassee has the highest crime rate of any city in Florida. Gillum has been a failure in addressing this issue. Recently Gillum raised the issue of race relations in Tallahassee as being horrible. While Tallahassee has elected African-Americans to four County Constitutional Offices, two City Commission posts, two County Commission posts, two School Board posts, and, a State Representative the Mayor thinks things are going poorly (or at least he says so). Currently the FBI is investigating Gillum. Photos have been published of Gillum with undercover FBI agents. Gillum refuses to publicly answer questions about the charges even though he is a public official. Anyone donating money, time or endorsements to Gillum are wasting such.

D: If there is one thing Irma and Maria has taught us is that they are great ways to elevate your profile and campaign without announcing. During Irma Governor Scott crisscrossed the state to spread a sense of urgency while also comforting the residents of Florida. ... This storm was also a great way to highlight our failed infrastructure and lack of investments during the Governor’s administration, if any of theses candidates wanted to run on a single issue it should be resiliency and strengthening Florida’s deteriorating infrastructure. The statewide impact of Irma will have lasting impressions on people who lived through it for years to come.

D: There is a clear correlation between candidate fundraising and the start of the legislative session. Legislators who are also running for higher office have lots of money from parties who have interests before the legislature this coming session. The message is clear, if you want to accomplish anything in Tallahassee, there is a price for admission. This is how Florida works right now.

D: Lots of questions that are difficult to answer....Overall, Scott didn’t do an outstanding job, but it was ok, and he portrayed a strong man image which will help, although the Nursing Home part will hurt. He’s been a consistent advocate for deregulation, and then seems surprised when deregulation hurts people....There are hundreds or thousands of things you can attack any elected official about. Anybody who has proposed or voted for one budget can be attacked on dozens of things. It doesn’t matter if they’re true or fair. Better to have millions from utilities, because that gives you more money to defend yourself and smear your opponent....Latvala would be the toughest R in a general, but the only way he wins a primary is for the other three to split 70%, and hope that between Tampa Bay and moderates, that there’s 30% for him. I’m not sure that in a primary, you can find 30% non-crazy R’s, even when adding in Tampa Bay.... The R’s win with Latvala or Putnam, probably beat the D’s with Corcoran or Desantis, unless the Drunk gets into the race. He is as much a D as Trump is an R, but as a D, I still want him, because I think he’s our best shot. I hope I don’t end up regretting this as much as the R’s are regretting Trump.

D: Scott’s biggest liability when it comes to the hurricanes has been Trump’s response. The Trump drag on Scott and all Republicans is going to be rough to overcome. Given the lack of fundraising from the Democrats running for Governor I expect Morgan, if he runs, to be able to coast to the win with his name ID and money. I think the Democratic nominee wins next year not because they run the best campaign or raise the most money but because Trump is so toxic.

D: - The situation in Puerto Rico is dire and requires the help from anyone that is available to help. Gov. Scott has delivered on a few action items that he talked about providing, but there is so much more he and the State of FL can do to help these American citizens. One of the most helpful things he can do is to chat with his boy Trump to convince him to terminate the Jones Act, streamline federal assistance, and aid in getting those Puerto Ricans who want to evacuate/relocate off the island. We all expect the influx of Puerto Ricans into FL to make an impact this coming cycle, and right now the dems have a clear opportunity to message that Scott and repubs have not been the most helpful.

- It will be interesting to see how Corcoran maneuvers through this legislative session as he plants the seeds for a gov run. Its clear he knows how to squeeze $ out of folks that need him. I still think that Putnam is the man to beat here and nobody is making a real threat thus far.

- The fundraising is pointing to Gillum exiting this race around or shortly after the new year; Graham continues to just hang around boringly; King seems to be ready to pounce once Gillum is out and seems to be playing the long game; and Morgan continues to be the best self promoter in the state/country....keeping everyone on eggshells for the next couple months. Should continue to be a fun ride!!!!

D: That self-made, “Things Remembered,” Navy/47 hat is bad luck. He started the season strong, but those tragic deaths at the nursing home are legitimately Gov. Scott and team’s fault. It will justifiably continue to haunt him.

D: Anything goes post-Trump

R: I didnt answer who handled storms better Gov Bush or Gov Scott. I think they both did exceptionally well. Bush was like a fellow Floridian and empathetic to his fellow Floridians battered by four storms. Scott feels like an executive who is well in control or in the best control possible of the situation during the storms thus far this year!...Whom do I expect to win the GOP nomination is Putnam having the money and network needed to win, however anyone of the others have the potential of taking it away.

D: Rick Scott’s handling of the hurricane up until it hit was done very well. However, the nursing home deaths and his appointment of a 29 year old campaign aide to the State’s Emergency Management Agency create the perfect storm on which Nelson will ride to re-election. Adam Putnam would be wise to lift his head out of the FPL/Duke/TECO trough of money at which he is feeding and take note of how unpopular the state’s investor owned utilities have become in the wake of a storm that left people in the dark for days on end despite having been told that recent rate increases were spent on storm hardening.

R: Very tough to answer the question about who was more effective. I think Scott was a relentless force in serving our state so he has to be commended for the job that he did. Jeb was a better communicator, which is to be expected.

D: The lack of hurricane preparedness and nursing home scandal will outweigh the goodwill Scott built up on TV during the storm

R: If Congressman Ron DeSantis does not run for governor then Adam Putnam will be the next governor of Florida.

D: Jeb was better on hurricanes because he went through so many over his two terms. But Gov. SCOTT has quickly learned his proper role and his efforts to warn and protect residents will indeed help him in the coming Senate race ... As for the GOP race for Governor, Putnam will appeal to some moderate and many conservative Democratic voters. He’ll be criticized for his past votes in congress but that was so long ago the relevance will be somewhat questionable. ... In the Democratic race, even if MORGAN gets in, he’ll be fighting for the far left vote with Levine and King (Gillum won’t make it to the end). This gives Graham the opportunity to get the moderate and some conservative votes in the primary. ... Wouldn’t it be interesting though to see Latvala versus Graham as each of them have some crossover appeal. In fact the race might just be about issues (many which they agree on like state workers, first responders, unions, environment, etc.) rather than party positions. No, I’ve been smoking medical marijuana!

NPA/Other: Scott will get credit for pre/hurricane warnings but his post hurricane response on Nursing home deaths, debris removal, lack of proper placement of supplies and not responding to phone calls & inquiries sully the pre-hurricane goodwill. Voters, however, will remember all the positive pre-hurricane coverage so Scott will benefit.

D: Re: Money: “Son, if you can’t take their money, drink their whiskey, screw their women, and then vote against ’em, you don’t deserve to be here.”- Sam Rayburn or Tip O’Neill or Molly Ivins or Jesse Unruh? Not sure who said it first :)

R: Gwen Graham’s support for single payer was a hail mary move that she didn’t need to make.

D: We are still incredibly early in the election cycle, so I reserve my right to flip on any of my answers. While Rick Scott has done a good job handling the hurricane aftermath in Florida, that will be completely wiped out by the monumental mishandling and maligning manner President Trump has responded to Puerto Rico’s plight.

R: 2 questions should not be just one or the other.For example, both Governor Bush and Rick Scott have been excellant leaders during the hurricanes. Concerning money from utilities, there are arguments on both sides so forcing a simple answer such as better of with or without is not fair.

D: John Morgan is acting much more like a candidate recently. He is the only Dem who could win.

D: The Nursing Home deaths will not be a significant issue for Governor Scott unless the public believes he deleted his voicemails to hide something. If that’s the case, it could be a very big deal.

D: It will be a Democrat only if Morgan runs

D: Every time Bill Nelson is on the ballot, Republicans dog him as weak, and everytime he responds, in the words of DJ Khaled, by saying “all I do is win win win, no matter what.”...And Rick Scott has never had to run in a campaign where he had to do something other than bash Barack Obama....Trump is going to tank Republicans, if Democrats are ready. Looking at the lack of candidates in the last two special elections, so far, they aren’t ready.

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