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Chris King says he’s the change Democrats need

The Orlando businessman said voters are just now paying attention to the 2018 gubernatorial race.

Chris King refers to himself as a progressive, not a liberal.

What's the difference?

King told state editors and political reporters on Thursday's annual AP Day that he's for all the liberal things, fairness, opportunity for the neediest among us, but that he wants to accomplish those goals using entrepreneurial values that have made him a successful Orlando businessman

Whatever he calls himself, King said he knows he's got a tough race.In a Democratic field that now hasthree other candidates, King's has minimum name recognition. Getting money is hard.

"Being heard in Florida is always a challenge," he said.

But the only Democratic from Central Florida, King said, he is in the best position to capitalize on the fastest growing region in the state that promises to tip voter registrations in favor of Democrats.

And if he wins the nomination, King said his candidacy will provide a clear choice for Florida voters.

He cited his main goals to be improving access to health care, increasing the amount of affordable housing, free community college and trade school training and supporting small local businesses.

Affordable housing. Merely stopping the annual sweep of existing funds for affordable housing would reinvest money in Florida that would produce jobs and spending. Free education on some levels make the workforce more competitive, giving a boost to the economy.

After more than 20 years of Republican leadership, fresh ideas are needed to make Florida a better place for most residents.

"If you're not wealthy or connected, this can be a very tough state to live," King said.