Rick Scott’s thoughts and prayers draw Twitter backlash

"No prayers needed," tweeted Sandee Taylor at Scott. "Empty hollow words. Action is the solution."
Published Nov. 6, 2017|Updated Nov. 6, 2017

It's become a depressing ritual that follows a mass shooting in America.

As details pour in about why and how another gunman slayed a bunch of strangers (or sometimes co-workers), politicians who have largely opposed tightening the nation's gun laws issue statements like the one Gov. Rick Scott did on Sunday.

After a shooter killed 26 people in a Texas church, Scott tweeted this:

Cue an angry chorus on Twitter that wants concrete steps taken on guns:

But there was no sign any minds were getting changed as this backlash was met with a counter-backlash.

So as the gridlock continues, we'll just wait for the next mass shooting.