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Paul Manafort puts up Florida home in bid to avoid house arrest

Palm Beach County one of several properties listed in court document.

Paul Manafort was in court Monday morning to pitch a sort of stay-out-of-jail plan that includes pledging his $1.5 million Palm Beach County home.

Donald Trump's former campaign manager, indicted a week ago, is trying to avoid house arrest and on Saturday his lawyers outlined a proposal pledging $12.5 million in various property and life insurance policies. The property includes an apartment at trump Tower.

Manafort also says he will restrict travel to Washington, Florida, Virginia and New York.

UPDATE: Manafort and co-defendant Rick Gates will remain under house confinement and electronic monitoring until they lay out their assets and a deal is reached, a judge said.

As the Tampa Bay Times reported earlier this year, Manafort has called Palm Beach Gardens his full-time home since at least April 2011, when he registered to vote. He has regularly cast ballots, including voting early in the November election between Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Manafort and his wife, Kathleen, bought the waterfront home in 2007 for $1.5 million, more than twice what it sold for in 2000, and paid more than $15,000 in taxes in 2016. He also has several LLCs registered in the state.

The indictment shows Manafort used foreign wire transfers to pay for vendors at his home.

A Florida contractor got $432,000 from 2011 to 2013 from accounts in Cyprus.

An art gallery got nearly $32,000 in wire transfers from Cyprus.

And a third vendor listed as a "home automation, lighting and home entertainment company in Florida," got $1.3 million.

"MANAFORT did not pay taxes on this income, which was used to make the purchases," the indictment states."

The indictment also lists several Manafort-owned LLCs in Florida.