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Rubio: Tax plan ‘falls short’ on families

Continues to push for higher child tax credit.

In a New York Times op/ed, Sen. Marco Rubio says the House tax plan "falls short" on the child tax credit and he argues that it should be at least doubled to $2,000.

"Providing significant tax relief to working families shouldn't be a final box to check after all of the lobbyists have had their fill," Rubio writes in the piece published Monday. "As Congress works on a tax reform package, families must be our priority. We cannot lose sight of what should be the primary goal of tax reform for our time. As the 2016 election revealed, the crisis of the working-class family has steadily grown in recent years, with fewer marriages and children, less work and lower pay, and high rates of disability, all against the backdrop of increasingly out-of-touch, ruling-class elites in the wealthiest country in the world.

"We can begin the work of reconciling our social contract to the realities working families face by committing the resources of tax reform to a robust expansion of the per-child tax credit. Doing so would ensure that lower-income Americans will not be left out of the biggest legislative undertaking of this Congress.

"Most important, expanding the child tax credit would align our nation's tax code with what every parent already knows to be true: Raising children is the most important job we will ever have."

The House plan raises the current $1,000 credit by $600.

Read Rubio's full argument here.