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Florida Insider Poll on Donald Trump’s first year

The political establishment in Florida is not crazy about their president.
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Published Nov. 9, 2017
Updated Nov. 10, 2017

Donald Trump was elected one year ago Tuesday, so we conducted a poll Florida Insiders Poll to take stock. The results aren't pretty for president , but keep in mind many of these insiders expected Jeb Bush would be the president and later Hillary Clinton.

Nearly two thirds of the more than 200 Florida lobbyists, political operatives, money raisers and the like surveyed said Trump's performance over the past year has been "terrible" or "poor," with a majority saying terrible. Nearly one in five said "fair," 13 percent said "good" and 4 percent "excellents

"He seems wholly unprepared and unwilling to do the heavy lifting (briefings, reports, etc) to become adequately knowledgeable to make weighty decisions. He has the attention span of a child, and no interest in governing," said an independent. "Trump is destroying the honorable Reagan/Goldwater conservative movement in the Republican Party and replacing it with nationist populism – the odious antithesis of the Republican Party that Ronald Reagan stood for. Sad for our nation. Sad for the Republican Party. Sad for the conservative movement."

More than three out of four of the Insiders — including 106 Republicans, 87 Democrats, and 15 others –predicted that Trump will hurt Republican candidates in 2018.

"Trump is setting good policies for the most part – he's just creating an environment that makes it almost impossible for those who embrace those policies to get elected in the future. His failure on Obamacare is staggering, although the Senators who disingenuously voted for repeal when they knew Obama would veto and are now refusing to do the same are more to blame. If the Republicans fail on tax reform and don't get their act together soon, next November will be worse than a "shellacking" for Republicans,: said a Republican.

"But Trump has only proven all of us fools every time," lamented one Democrat.

"The President will marginally hurt the Republican candidates in Florida. If Florida reacts like Virginia, the President was instrumental in encouraging Democratic turnout," a Republican said.

Thirty percent doubted he will seek a second term.

The good news for Trump? Half of those surveyed said Trump would beat Clinton in Florida again if the election were held today.

"There is only one person in the US who would lose to Donald Trump – today, tomorrow or the day after – and that is Hillary Clinton,"a Republican said.

We allow the Florida Insiders to comment anonymously to encourage honest assessments.

This month's Florida Insiders:

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