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As Trump stalls traffic on I-95, video shows people twerking to pass time

Sportswriter Jeff Pearlman posted a video on Twitter.

From our friends at the Miami Herald:

As sportswriter and author Jeff Pearlman sat in standstill traffic in Palm Beach County Tuesday evening, he took to Twitter to share an only-in-South-Florida moment.

Two people got out of their car and began twerking in the middle of Interstate 95. He later found the the holdup was because President Donald Trump had arrived, en route to Mar-a-Lago.

"People keep getting out of the car dancing," he said in a Twitter video. "Which I've gotta say is pretty good entertainment considering how sucky this is."

The video shows a woman and another person bending over and shaking their rear ends for everyone to see.

He posted a 35-second clip of the provocative dancing and the words "Stuck in standstill traffic at an accident scene in South Florida. No movement in 20 minutes. This just happened …"

Pearlman said he was on I-95 heading south near Southern Boulevard on his way to a diner to write when he got caught up in the traffic. In a nine-minute video he said he thought he was stopped because of an accident. He was not happy when he learned the delay was because of the president.

"I am sitting in traffic because Donald Trump just landed at the airport," he said in the video. "Unbelievable."