Opinions across Florida: Adopt Rubio’s child tax credit

A survey of opinions from Florida news outlets.
Published Dec. 5, 2017|Updated Dec. 5, 2017

TAX BILL: Although less than 1 percent of taxpayers earn more than $1 million a year, they'd receive by 2027 more than 60 percent of the entire tax cut in the bill passed by the Senate. The Tampa Bay Times says lawmakers need to "sand off some of the rougher edges" as they hammer out the final legislation in the coming weeks, such as adopting Sen. Marco Rubio's proposal to double the child tax credit to $2,000.

MEDICAID: The Florida Times-Union says Medicaid is getting demonized, unjustly, in today's health care landscape.

CHILD MARRIAGE:  In the last five years, 1,828 marriage licenses were issued in Florida to a couple where at least one of the applicants was a minor, according to the state's Bureau of Vital Statistics. The Sarasota Herald-Tribune explains the many reasons why the Florida Legislature should pass the necessary bills to eliminate exemptions that allow minors to marry.

NATIONAL MONUMENTS: The largest elimination of protected area in American history, President Donald Trump's decision on Monday to remove protected designations for the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and Bears Ears National Monument in Utah, proved that the federal government's promises to the public mean nothing, says the Miami Herald editorial board.

PROPERTY RIGHTS: A Lee County owner wants to build a home on Upper Captiva, but the septic system would need to be built on the seaward side of the county construction line. The Naples Daily News urges the county commission to hold the line, asserting that "changing this regulation does several things that could hurt the environment and nearby property owners."