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Florida Congressmen on front lines of battle over Mueller investigation

Democrat Ted Deutch and Republican Matt Gaetz.

WASHINGTON – Two Florida Congressmen are figures in a growing battle over Robert Mueller's investigation into Russia, with conservative Matt Gaetz calling for an end to the probe and liberal Ted Deutch saying it needs to continue without interference.

"When my colleagues refer to the special counsel's investigation as a 'coup d'etat,' it really undermines the rule of law in this country," Deutch, D-Boca Raton, said Sunday on MSNBC.

"They ought to be careful, they ought to stop it, and they ought to let this investigation proceed for the benefit of the American people."

Gaetz, R-Fort Walton Beach, has gotten considerable attention on Fox News for his questioning of the Mueller probe and the FBI's handling of Hillary Clinton.

"Where in the hell is our attorney general?" Gaetz said last week on Fox News. "We need Attorney General Sessions to step up, do his job, seize control of the nightmare that is this investigation and let's get some unbiased people involved in looking at the facts and it's time for bob Muller to put up or shut up. If he's got evidence of collusion let's see it and if he doesn't let's move on and get to the issues can improve quality of life for the American people."