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In divorce, lawmaker’s estranged wife claims assault, corruption

A series of tweets by Brandy Abruzzo is aimed at Rep. Joseph Abruzzo<br>

In the midst of divorce proceedings, the estranged wife of Rep. Joe Abruzzo, D-Boynton Beach, took to Twitter the day after Christmas to call him a “scam artist and narcissist.” She also posted audio content of contentious phone calls between the two.

Brandy Abruzzo tweeted that she called 911 last year to report being assaulted by Abruzzo, and that the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office is guilty of “corruption” for not arresting him.

A spokesman for the lawmaker called the accusation “baseless.” A spokeswoman for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, Teri Barbera, said she could not immediately confirm the accuracy of the allegations.

According to previous accounts, Joe Abruzzo filed for divorce from his wife in the fall of 2015. A spokesman for Abruzzo, Christian Ulvert, said the divorce is still pending.

“It’s all being used for public intimidation, if you will,” Ulvert said. “It’s baseless and it’s not based on fact.”

Reached by phone, Mrs. Abruzzo claimed she called 911 on May 7, 2016, to report an act of domestic violence by her husband. She said the call has since been “erased,” which sheriff’s spokeswoman Barbera said was impossible.

The couple has a young son and has been legally separated for more than two years, a spokesman for Abruzzo said. Mrs. Abruzzo’s Twitter account showed 103 followers on Wednesday. It had only 31 tweets, the first of which was posted Dec. 3.

Most of her initial tweets are photos of the smiling couple and their family.

But interspersed between the happy times were tweets commenting on the spate of sexual misconduct cases happening in Florida and elsewhere.