Sean Hannity ‘completely supports’ Ron DeSantis for Florida governor

The conservative host's endorsement follows one from President Trump last month that buoyed the Republican congressman.
Published Jan. 18, 2018|Updated Jan. 18, 2018

Conservative radio host and Fox News talk show host Sean Hannity interviewed Rep. Ron DeSantis on his radio show Wednesday, giving the Republican candidate for Florida governor a boost of support.

"I've known you all these years," Hannity said. "I cannot more enthusiastically endorse and completely support your run, and I really think the people of Florida will be blessed because I know what a strong leader you are."

"That means a lot to me," said DeSantis. "We've got a good opportunity to build on the success that Governor Scott has had. I think this tax bill is going to give us a tremendous, competitive advantage in Florida to create a lot of jobs. We have an opportunity to fix our activist courts and live under the rule of law."

DeSantis entered the race last month after an enthusiastic endorsement from President Donald Trump. He's touting an impressive list of billionaire supporters. Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, Breitbart co-owner Rebekah Mercer and hedge fund manager John Thaler are members of his national finance team.