Shutdown politics: Nelson weighs in with another reason for his vote

Disaster aid was not part of the deal.
Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Florida (Associated Press)
Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Florida (Associated Press)
Published Jan. 21, 2018|Updated Jan. 21, 2018

WASHINGTON – Sen. Bill Nelson on Sunday offered "another reason" for his vote against the short-term budget, underscoring the delicate politics of the shutdown.

"Another reason I voted against the Continuing Resolution Friday night was that it omitted the desperately needed hurricane disaster assistance to help Florida recover. Especially hurt is Florida's citrus industry, which lost most of its oranges in the storm. They are now teetering on the brink of bankruptcy unless we can get them some help immediately," said Nelson, a Democrat running for re-election.

Nelson did not comment before the vote and then initially released a fairly generic statement.

"These short-term funding bills are hurting our national security and, at some point, we have a responsibility to say enough is enough. Now efforts have intensified at a bipartisan solution. I am hopeful that an agreement may be reached in the next couple of days."

He has not commented on DACA, which is at the heart of the standoff.

Calculations aside, disaster aid has been a top priority for Nelson and  Florida lawmakers from both parties.