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Gov. Scott confident Florida protected from oil drilling

Calls Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke "a man of his word."
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Published Feb. 7, 2018
Updated Feb. 7, 2018

TAMPA – Gov. Rick Scott on Wednesday reiterated his belief that the Trump administration will keep its word and exempt Florida from plans for offshore drilling.

But Scott would not say if he's spoken with the president himself. "My focus was to talk to Secretary Zinke," he told the Tampa Bay Times during a visit to Tampa International Airport.

"As you know, I've opposed offshore drilling, and as soon as Secretary Zinke was confirmed, I met with him, I talked to him about that we didn't want it off our coast, and then when they came out with their plan — this was right around Christmas – I immediately called and asked if we could meet, and he was gracious enough to come down, and the right thing happened. There's not going to be offshore drilling."

Asked what's the highest  level of the Trump administration he's gotten that assurance from, Scott again invoked Zinke.

"He's a man of his word. He's a Navy Seal and I believe they're going to do exactly what they committed," he said.