Winner and loser of the week in Florida politics

President Trump during the State of the Union (Associated Press)
President Trump during the State of the Union (Associated Press)
Published Feb. 11, 2018|Updated Feb. 11, 2018

Winner of the week

Donald Trump. Two new polls show that 41 percent of Floridians approve of the president's performance. Weak numbers, but better than they used to be. That's good news for Florida Republicans.

Carlos Guillermo Smith. The Democratic state House member from Orlando, one of the best and more fiery speakers Democrats have, met with Publix officials to press them on why the chain was not including the HIV prevention drug PrEP in employee healthcare plans. Twenty four hours later Publix reversed course.

Loser of the week
Richard Corcoran. A Mason-Dixon poll released last week gave the House speaker a bracing remember that he may be a big cheese in Tallahassee, but he's barely a morsel everywhere else. Seven in 10 voters didn't know enough about him to offer an opinion, compared to 44 percent for governor's race rivals Ron DeSantis and 37 percent for Adam Putnam.