Alvin Brown takes a hard swing at Al Lawson in new TV ad

Plays off Lawson's applause during State of the Union.
A screenshot from Alvin Brown's TV ad against Rep. Al Lawson.
A screenshot from Alvin Brown's TV ad against Rep. Al Lawson.
Published Feb. 16, 2018|Updated Feb. 16, 2018

It's getting nasty quick in the Democratic primary pitting U.S. Rep. Al Lawson against former Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown.

Today, Brown released an ad hitting Lawson for clapping during part of State of the Union.

The ad, which began airing today in Tallahassee and across the 5th Congressional District, plays off a Buzz post about Trump later saying he'd like to thank Lawson.

The post originally carried a snarky headline – "Donald Trump's new favorite Democrat …" – but was updated to reflect Trump's more pointed words about "treasonous" Democrats. Lawson quickly sought distance  from Trump.

"It is great that unemployment is down in the African-American community, a trend that began more than six years ago under President Obama," he told the Buzz. "My applause had nothing to do with President Trump, but about the continued progress that has been made."

Democrats greeted Trump at the State of the Union with mostly blank stares (as Republicans had done to Barack Obama) and the cameras briefly focused on Lawson's applause, though a few other Democrats were clapping as well.