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DeSantis wants security officers in schools, more attention paid to warning signs

DeSantis was back on Fox this morning.
U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)
U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)
Published Feb. 20, 2018

Rep. Ron DeSantis was on Fox Business this morning and offered a response to the Parkland shooting that calls for putting retired law enforcement and military personnel in schools and taking a harder look at people deemed dangerous to prevent them from obtaining guns.

The GOP candidate for governor also said the FBI needs to be held accountable for not following up on warnings about Nikolas Cruz. He stopped short of calling for "major gun control, which is basically just going to end up just falling on the law abiding gun owners."

Here is the transcript as released by the network:

"What I want to do first of all is figure out why this individual was allowed to purchase fire arms in the first place given all the signals, cops going to his house dozens of times, people telling the FBI he's talking, he did it twice to the FBI, but most recently, the call saying 'hey not only is he crazy, not only is he dangerous, but he's actually going to plan to shoot up his old school.'

"And for that not to have been something that is put into the pipeline so that law enforcement would have that and can react, that's a major problem. You look back at a lot of these shootings over the years, you look back at Virginia Tech, the guy was not eligible for a fire arm but they did not put the mental adjudication into the system. Sutherlands Spring, Texas- same thing. Nobody has been held accountable for any of this. No one in the FBI that I know has been held accountable. They put out a statement on Friday that was just infuriating saying "oh sorry, protocol's weren't followed." That's bureaucrat speak for just passing the buck. So we got to get to the bottom of that. And I think the states really need to take the lead.

"To me, the two biggest things, one is, improving school security so that these are not soft targets anymore. You got a very big school, you did have a resource officer there, but for 3,000 kids, you're going to have better visible security and I think we can easily, in Florida particularly, have a program where retired military and law enforcement officers are enlisted to help provide school security so that these are now hard targets. If they are hard targets, these guys are not going to want to do what they're doing, and then the other thing we have to look at is, if you're a danger to society, we have to look at our civil process, these guys used to be committed 50-60 years ago to an institution if they were a danger to themselves and others. Now it's gotten a little more liberalized where all these warning signs where they say unless you actually commit a criminal offense,  there's nothing you can do. I don't think that's the best way to protect the public. So I think looking at that could really, really make a difference. That's different than saying we're going to do some major gun control which is basically just going to end up just falling on the law abiding gun owners."


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